Bilfinger Gerätetechnik GmbH


Brief profile

Bilfinger Gerätetechnik GmbH, a company of Bilfinger Industrial Technologies is a leader in the field of device provisioning, supply and full service for complete building site fittings on a rental basis. This full-service range and our comprehensive range of products characterize Gerätetechnik as largely unique.

As part of the Bilfinger Holding operating successfully in the field of plant construction and industrial  maintenance on a global scale, Gerätetechnik is a specialist in equipment rentals and offers an advantage of rental know how so that our customers profit from every order. Bilfinger Gerätetechnik offers more than 11,000 different products, including containers, welding machines, motor vehicles, tube machining centres, hydraulic tools, lifting devices and power supply apparatus.

Our full-service includes procurement, rental, provision, service, repair and by request transport and insurance of equipment/devices. Competent operating personnel can be provided at any time. Quick service is one of Gerätetechnik’s greatest strengths

Bilfinger SE is a leading international engineering and services group. With the technological expertise and experience of its employees, the company offers customized services for industrial facilities and real estate.

Quality, Safety, Environmental Protection

Qualified technicians and engineers advise you and being experts they ensure that legal requirements and approved test procedures are complied with. To ensure safety, our machinery, tools and equipment are permanently checked in accordance with relevant regulations. Compliance with the SCC and/or ISO 9001 standards is guaranteed.

The Gerätetechnik test benches offer appropriate test procedures for all different types of devices/machines – visual inspection, mechanical test, stress and load test. Test results are documented by test protocols, testing labels affixed to the device and by notes in the test book.